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20Jul 2018

Do you ever feel a hankering for one of those famous Aussie burgers you could get at every milk bar by the beach in summer? You know the kind that is dripping with tomato sauce and loaded with all the extras including pineapple rings and beetroot? It was one of the quintessential tastes of growing […]

04Jul 2018

A few weeks back I was contacted by David from Coconut Groove about trialling his new product “Clean Energy”. David pitched it as a natural alternative to Red Bull, V, and other energy drinks. He explained that it could be used before, during, or after physical activity, or before a mental task, to help you […]

31Jul 2017

There is not a clinic day that goes by that I don’t take a supplement history from an athlete that includes a magnesium tablet or powder. It seems to be an almost universally accepted notion that magnesium supplementation will assist in preventing (exercise associated) muscle cramps. So let’s see if it is worthy of taking […]

27Jul 2016

Whether we are frying some haloumi for a weekend breakfast, swapping out butter in baking for canola oil, or adding a splash of olive oil to stop our pasta from going gluggy (a tip from Maggie Beers I learnt on the weekend); most of us have a staple bottle, or two in our pantries. But […]

12Jul 2016

If you’re a runner it’s not uncommon that at some stage mid-stride you have experienced that literally bowel wrenching feeling of urgency to find the ‘facilities’ in a hurry! Approximately 30-50% of distance runners have had exercise-related intestinal problems (de Olivera 2011). If you are part of the fairer sex, unfortunately you are more likely […]

02Jul 2016

Most Australians have too much salt. In 2013 the Australian government signed up to the Global Salt Reduction targets, set by the World Health Organisation, to reduce our mean salt intake by 30% by 2025 (WHO,2016). It is well known that high intakes of salt increase our risk of heart disease and stroke. However, salt […]

30Dec 2015

Summer in Queensland and the triathlon season is in full swing. As temperatures rise runners take refuge in the early hours of the morning to beat the heat. During the summer of racing approximately 67% of triathletes, 30-50% of runners and 60% of cyclists will experience anything from a muscle twinge to a completely debilitating […]

16Jun 2015

I must make a disclaimer at the start of this blog that it is part opinion piece and part science. I’m hoping that science will catch up and back my opinion at some point! It is infrequent that clients who walk into my clinic room aren’t taking at least two different dietary supplements; from a […]

05Feb 2015

Mention the word “carbs” in a crowded room these days and the majority of people are likely to boo and hiss at you. Carbs are today what fat was in the 80s and 90s, a taboo food group to be avoided lest we break our diets and bust our jean buttons. The problem is, most […]

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